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Working to counter psychological manipulation & coercive control
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Do you know someone who...

...has invested too much time and money into a relationship or organization that seems problematic?

...has become withdrawn, secretive, or changed drastically after joining a group or entering a new relationship?

...has started excessively criticizing you or telling you that you are bad, evil or manipulative?

...has suddenly embraced ideas about the world that seem harmful, convoluted or damaging?

Have you ever been drawn into a group or relationship that promised easy answers  but just made you feel guilty, stupid or small?

If so, you, or someone you love, may have been affected by psychological manipulation or coercive control. 


We’re here to help.

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Counter is a non-profit organization dedicated to countering psychological manipulation and coercive control by:

  • Developing prevention and recovery tools

  • Training specialists

  • Advocating for policy development

  • Fostering universal education

  • Strengthening individual and community resilience


The intentional use of manipulative tactics to take advantage of people on a psychological level. These tactics are used to control people’s decision-making processes to gain money and/or social or political power.

Psychological Manipulation:


A pattern of actions aimed at isolating, humiliating, exploiting, or asserting dominance over a person.

Coercive Control:

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In today's complex social landscape, psychological manipulation (PM) and coercive control (CC) have become pervasive threats to people’s autonomy and well-being. These insidious behaviours can be found across a wide spectrum of groups, relationships, and situations, including:


  • Sex trafficking

  • Intimate partner controlling relationships

  • Hate and conspiracy groups

  • Various high-control environments

The effects of PM and CC are both wide-reaching and devastating. They tear families apart, shatter lives, and leave indelible scars on survivors. 


At Counter, we recognize the urgent need to address these issues. We are a Toronto-based organization passionately dedicated to countering, preventing, and aiding in recovery from PM and CC.

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