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Red Flags List

This is a comprehensive list of Red Flags for Psychological Manipulation and Coercive Control. It is meant to equip people with knowledge of red flags and give a detailed understanding of groups and relationships that use the tactics of PM and CC. This list is designed to be used with our toolkits to foster a deeper understanding of PM and CC and help people work towards countering, prevention and recovery.

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Section Guide 

Section 1 - Red Flags: Understanding the tactics and techniques of PM and CC.

  • Complex Rules Systems

  • Control of Everyday Activities 

  • Contracts/Waivers

  • Demands for Confession or Full Disclosure 

  • Escalating Requirements 

  • Excessive Secrecy 

  • Exploited or Unpaid Labour 

  • Isolation

  • Lack of Dissent or Questioning 

  • Love-Bombing 

  • Monetary Investment 

  • Physical Abuse

  • Punishment

  • Identity Change

  • Specialized Language 


Section 2 - Manipulative Groups and Relationships: Descriptions and examples of various types of manipulative groups and relationships.


  • Conspiracy Groups

  • Hate Groups 

  • Intimate Partner Controlling Relationships 

  • Multi-Level Marketing Schemes (MLMs), Corporate and Philanthropic High Control Organizations

  • Political High-Control Groups

  • Professional Development High-Control Groups 

  • Self-Help or Psychotherapy High-Control Groups

  • Religious and Spiritual High-Control Groups

  • Sex Trafficking 

  • Systemic Control

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