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At Counter, we are working towards building a world free from psychological manipulation and coercive control – and you can help!

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Currently, any donations we receive will go towards:

  • Funding our pilot project for training mental health practitioners in PM and CC, which includes offering our workshops in exchange for in-depth feedback to improve our programming.

  • Building and maintaining our website with free and open access to all toolkits and resource lists.

  • Developing new tools and resources, including a toolkit for finding safe community, connection and purpose, a toolkit for helping youth, and a critical thinking course designed to teach critical thinking through the lens of PM and CC to high-school and university students. 

  • Research and development of policy recommendations to address and prevent PM and CC.

Counter is a registered non-profit organization, so we cannot currently offer charitable receipts. 

Non-profit Number: Counter Coercion Project - 1550021-4

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