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Cheetah House - Cheetah House supports those experiencing meditation-related difficulties, educates providers on addressing adverse effects, and empowers individuals to navigate meditation's role in their lives. Countering overhyped claims, they provide a balanced and research-backed perspective on meditation's risks.

The Access Point - The Access Point streamlines access to mental health, addiction, and supportive housing services in Toronto. Apply for various services through a single intake process.

The Way Out - Chronic pain plagues millions. Alan Gordon, a therapist who overcame his own pain, developed Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT), a mind-body approach rooted in neuroscience. PRT retrains the brain to break the cycle of pain, as evidenced by a major study. "The Way Out" teaches sufferers how to use PRT to heal themselves. -

Whistleblower Aid - Whistleblower Aid champions whistleblowers across government, Big Tech, and the private sector. They guide them through safe disclosures of critical information, holding power accountable. Whistleblower Aid offers a comprehensive and non-partisan approach to empowering whistleblowers to expose wrongdoing legally and effectively.

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