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Counter is a non-profit organization dedicated to countering psychological manipulation and coercive control by developing prevention and recovery tools, training specialists, advocating for policy development, fostering universal education, and strengthening individual and community resilience.

Focus Areas

Mental Health

Counter aims to train mental health practitioners in identifying, countering and recovering from psychological manipulation and coercive control. We provide workshops for practitioners and comprehensive toolkits to help guide practitioners. Learn more about our workshops here.


We are dedicated to building a robust network that includes support for helping loved ones, PM and CC-trained mental health professionals, health professionals, and a support network for exited individuals. We aim to provide resources for building community, nurturing connections, and finding purpose to aid prevention, intervention and recovery.


We seek to build a comprehensive curriculum around psychological manipulation and coercive control for youth of all ages. We believe that education is a key factor in prevention and that we need a multifaceted approach to empower the younger generation. This includes educating about the mechanisms of PM and CC, critical thinking, boundaries, empathy and communication.


Counter is committed to driving positive change on a systemic level. Counter seeks to contribute to policy development by envisioning robust, informed, and effective policies that foster resilience, support community development, reduce isolation, and create a safer, more supportive world for individuals affected by PM and CC.

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